The Practice of Finding Joy When Things Aren’t Good

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I should say that when the ego tells you things aren’t good. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say some one close to you dies. Things like this make you start to question things. Things like your purpose, how short life is and what can you do that will really make a difference in your life and the lives of others. So you decide to change what you’re doing. You leave a good paying job with great benefits and you start to explore your world. Inner and outer. You travel for several months then try some different roles. Non-profits, a start-up. Then you have a Eureka moment and pursue whatever that is. It might take six years of training. Then you start doing the work you’ve trained for only to find out it’s not what you thought. You love the work but working by yourself, marketing yourself, worrying about health care benefits keeps you up at night. It literally causes you pain. The world seems hostile even as “nothing seems to be working out.”

This is what your ego tells you anyway. But I’m here to tell us both that there is a time for everything. That I’ve come to see my practice now is not my private Yoga Therapy practice or even my job seeking practice; but rather, finding joy. I don’t want disappointment, frustration, fear and negativity to carry over into my next professional move. Because whatever the quality of my consciousness is during this period of re-aligning my inner purpose with my outer purpose will be reflected in what I choose to do and for that matter, whether I even see the opportunities that are being presented to me. The means and the end are one in the same. Negative energy will only beget more negative energy and misalignment.

So I’ve decided to seek joy. This takes diligent observation of my mind because there are some pretty well established tracks there, tracks that tell me I’m a mess, fear tracks about what’s next and lots of other bad stuff. So each night I write down what brought me joy that day whether from hearing more bird song as the hold of winter loosens its grip, seeing the last of the evening light on the mountains in the valley or being with animals. Seeking joy brings me into the present which keeps worry about the future at bay. It is the wellspring of gratitude, abundance, kindness, compassion, love and more joy!

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